About the Saline royale Academy

Video masterclasses for talented musicians, taught by the top professors of our time.

The Saline royale Academy is an international music teaching center providing in-situ and online masterclasses taught by some of the most widely acclaimed teachers in the world at the Saline royale of Arc-et-Senans (France). 

The Saline royale Academy focuses on helping to train tomorrow’s best musicians by giving them access to some of the greatest professor's teachings.

Our educational service is based on an innovative immersive and interactive video player allowing the user to choose the viewing angle of either the professor or the student without any interruption. 

A unique offer preserving the rich and diverse heritage of teachings and techniques used by the greatest musicians, such as Miriam Fried, Nelson Goerner, Ning Feng, Clive Greensmith, Nathan Braude, Margreet Honig, Philippe Bernold, Davide Formisano (and many more). 

We offer young musicians a permanent access to the excellence of online music education thanks to our vast catalog  – the biggest in the world – completed by content produced by institutions such as Colburn School (Los Angeles), The Royal College of Music (London), The Royal Irish Academy of Music (Dublin)… 


The creation of a web platform for online broadcasting of high-level classical music masterclasses and digital audiovisual recording studios is co-financed by the ERDF (FEDER) up to 60.49% of the project, i.e. €604693 excluding VAT. More information on www.europe-bfc.eu